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Featured • February 04, 2021

Are you a company or a business model that deals with subscriptions?

Are you wasting a lot of time on maintaining records and collecting payments?

Would you like a solution where all of your work gets simplified?

IIf the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, then we’ve got something special in store for you.

Solve all your subscription and billing issues with “ChargeMonk”.

Wait, what’s ChargeMonk?

ChargeMonk is subscription management software that helps you create, plan, modify, make billing an easy task, and finally maximize recurring revenue.

In easy words, our subscription software will help you manage your subscription business in such a way that you will save on time, cost, and work efficiently.

But what is a subscription software?

Simply put, subscription-based software is where a customer can apply to use the software for a limited time. For this, they have to pay a subscription fee. This fee can be weekly, monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

ChargeMonk helps businesses that offer such subscription-based software to manage their work, understand their customers, and offer them what they want consistently.

Who uses ChargeMonk?

Any business that offers subscriptions can utilize our software. Whether you’re a high-end retail chain or a small and medium enterprise, ChargeMonk can get accustomed to your business.

E.g. Magazine companies & Gyms can utilize ChargeMonk to manage all their customers as per different subscription plans.

What are the features of ChargeMonk subscription management software? (List down what it can automate)

Features of our subscription management software can help you automate the following duties:

  • Manage subscriptions like a PRO minus any hassle.
  • Total Revenue Management
  • Reporting and Analytics so you can understand what your customers opt for.
  • Avoiding revenue leakage that helps you in saving lots of money.
  • Understand which plans your customers love and offer them those plans!
  • Analyze customer lifetime and churn value.
  • Avoid loss of revenue by collecting payments on time that improves your income.
  • Dunning management that allows your customers to pay on or before the due date.
  • Highest form of Data security so your customers have no issues.

Let’s understand the working of ChargeMonk with an example:

Company – Netflix

Subscription plans – 1 screen, 2 screens, and 4 screens.

Netflix has over a billion subscribers.

They are finding it difficult to manage their subscriptions and opt for ChargeMonk to help them out.

Here’s what they experience when they utilize ChargeMonk:

  • They can manage all their subscriptions on our user-friendly dashboard.
  • They can manage all their subscriptions on our user-friendly dashboard.
  • They can manage all their subscriptions on our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Hence, Netflix can either add promotional offers for 4 screens or can plan to reduce the cost for 1 screen so new customers can join in. This is just a small benefit of having ChargeMonk. On a practical basis, businesses prefer if payments are received on time.
  • With the help of ChargeMonk, Netflix can analyze which region has the most delayed and late payments. Accordingly using dunning management, they send reminders well in advance so there is no revenue leakage.

What does ChargeMonk offer you and your customers?

With ChargeMonk, don’t just provide your customers with a plain service. Give them an experience to remember via our subscription management platform.

Whether you’re looking for email subscription management software or billing software for small businesses, our unique software can help you manage everything with ease.

Ours is one of the best subscription platforms as it lets you understand the customer journey and their expectations. Because of this data, you can make changes to plans and give your customers exactly what they want.

Here are 6 ways we can help you do that:

Subscription Management – Our Subscription billing system tracks and manages subscriptions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Billing and Invoicing - Save time by automating your billing process. Our Subscription management software makes billing easy.

Reporting and Analytics - Utilize our reports, analytics, and plan your next course of action for your Recurring revenue model.

Developer resources – Ours is one of the best subscription platforms as you can build a user-friendly experience for your subscribers with the help of our robust APIs and SDKs.

Payments and Accounting – Whether you’re looking for subscription management software India or anywhere abroad, we focus on giving the best and the most convenient payment options.

Payment Gateway - Which is the best software for billing? It’s the one that supports worldwide Leading Payment gateway providers. With ChargeMonk, you can get the best payment support.


Starting a subscription business might be easy.

But maintaining a subscription business can be difficult if not done the right way.

Even if you didn’t choose us at the start, you can get on board today.

Take your business to the next level with ChargeMonk.

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