Efficient Discount Management for Recurring Business Model.

Coupons play an important role in attracting customers. Coupons help in creating the brand image without huge investments.

Different Discount Strategies

There are several types of discounts you have at your disposal. From Fixed amount (ex: 15$ off) or Percentage based (ex: 25% off) according to your discounting strategies.

Flexible Discounting Duration

ChargeMonk helps you to customize your campaign to suit your business. This means you can customize coupons for a fixed period or for one time or unlimited duration.

Automatically Monitor Coupon Redemptions

With ChargeMonk's Discount Management system automatically monitor the count and then limit offers to a fixed number based on your campaign strategy.

Build your own Coupons

Based on your pricing strategy you can decide the products on which the coupons should be applied and standardize those discounts. With ChargeMonk's couponing system, create unique codes so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Coupon Code Generation

ChargeMonk's couponing system helps to make your promotions more effective by generating coupon codes. By this, you can track your campaigns.