Subscription Plan management system for Intellectual SaaS people.

ChargeMonk’s flexible plan management options help you to meet a variety of business needs and support different billing and payment plans just within a single dashboard. Thus, enables you to reach the wider range of potential customers.

Automated Prorated Billing Adjustments

ChargeMonk automatically prorates any billing changes that could result from subscriber upgrades, downgrades, refunds, or service credits. Our automated account management tools enable you to estimate the charges in subsequent billing cycles. Thus, minimizing workflow and reporting challenges created by these lifecycle events.

Deferred Billing

When a customer demands a change for the future subscription from next billing cycle to downgrade or upgrade, to make those changes effective, it is not required to remember the billing cycle of customer by support team. They just need to schedule the changes, and the system will make the changes automatically at the scheduled time.

Customizable and Simplified Plan

Set up as many subscription plans as you like and pilot them all from a single dashboard. Charge monk intuitive pricing options will equip you with choices you never knew you had, and give you full control, so your prices reflect your vision.

Attract a crowd with coupons.

Coupons are a great way to promote your business and increase sales. Charge monk Subscriptions lets your customers try a newly introduced service, cross-sell products and also manage the said coupons. You can also exempt certain plans from taxes and continue to apply the global tax rules on everything else.