Usage Based Billing Model

ChargeMonk’s automated usage-based billing model provides a solution for all the billing complexities and helps to run your business like a pro.

Automate your Billing Cycle

ChargeMonk helps you to automate your entire billing subscription. All you need to do is to create a subscription plan, put all the necessary details and then let the system automate it. Also, on your behalf, the system will track all the billing cycles.

Metered Billing Model

All cloud companies that charge based on usage have a need for metered based billing. ChargeMonk manages usage plans for customer and analyses customer’s usage. Further, it capitalizes on areas of need and also, offers account add-ons, upgrades and downgrades.

Bill on their signed-up date

Many companies charge their subscribers at the end of the month. However, our billing subscription can bill customers at any time during their subscription signed-up date.

One-Time Charge Model

ChargeMonk always accommodates most popular metered billing model. One of them is One-time charge billing model which is a part of a subscription plan. This means setting up fees based on customer usage.