Below given is an overview regarding the factors of ChargeMonk:


All the necessary particulars regarding your customer are included in Customers Menu. These particulars contains billing details, basic contact information, payment details and more. Considerable information is elective and for storing you have to choose the essential information according to your requirements and at your prudence.

There is no need to create a Subscription first for gathering ad hoc invoices and charges for creating a Customer in ChargeMonk. Every customer account can have multiple Subscriptions linked to it. Learn more.


To form the collection of items subscribed by a customer, the subscription is used. It holds all the applicable credits, recurring items and a trail of all ad-hoc charges to be listed in ensuing billing cycles.

To delineate the base cost and billing frequency, each Subscription should be linked to a Plan. Information like duration of the subscription and trial period is innate from the Plan but can be annulled at the Subscription-level.

In case subscribed items have any amendments like billing date, and planned amendments can be handled within the Subscription. Once an invoice is created for a subscription, the needed details on the charges are taken from the subscription. Learn more.


The billing frequency and base cost of a product or service is are delineated by Plan. Every Subscription is delineated by the Plan linked to it because the Plan holds all the details about the cost, the billing periods, the billing cycle, and the trial periods of the item. Learn more.


For delineating an item or service that is being provided with the plan additionally, an ‘Add-on' is been created.

Such pre-defined factors can be specified as recurring or one-time, and also quantity based or flat fee items. Get more information about Add-ons .Learn more.


To enhance sales and in attracting customers to an item, incentives and promotions play a major role. A ‘Coupon' delineates the advantages and period up to which it will be imposed on a Subscription. Learn more.


To keep a record of the products/services procured by a customer, an ‘Invoice' is used. The entire details regarding the customer’s purchase including information of products purchased and their value, taxes, credits, refunds, additional charges and discounts are enclosed in an invoice. Learn more.


In ChargeMonk all events related to payments are traced as ‘Transactions'. The transaction segment offers you a summary of all the events related to the transaction processed in your account. The details such as type, date, status and amount of the transaction are provided in this section. Learn more.