There are multiple reasons for a subscription to go into a canceled state, which includes non-payment. It is mandatory to reactivate your subscription to re-start the billing for a canceled subscription.

Reactivating a Canceled Subscription

To reactivate a subscription manually in the web interface of ChargeMonk with the help of the Reactivate Subscription button placed on the right side panel of the details page of the particular subscription. By using Reactivate a subscription API calls for reactivation of a subscription through the API.

Specifying a ‘Reactivate From' date

Once reactivating a subscription, through the web interface or the API, stipulate a past date/time from which you can consider the subscription reactivated for ChargeMonk. It will be helpful if you want to keep the subscription's original billing cycle in position.


Say, you're reactivating a specific subscription on 20th January,
Plan Type: $20/month
Cancellation Date: 10th January
Sign-up Date: 1st January
Current Term: 1st January to 1st Feb
Reactivate From: 15th January
(You can specify this date when reactivating the subscription.)
New Term: 15th January to 15th Feb


Reactivate From option is used to specify a date/time in the past.

Two kinds of Reactivation

There are two types of reactivation General Reactivation and In-term Reactivation. Based on the cancellation of a subscription, the reactivation process differs.

General Reactivation

On reactivation of a canceled subscription, a reactivated subscription's billing term will be starting from the past date/time that you have chosen. In case you want to retain a past date/time, the reactivated subscription's billing term will start with a new term immediately. Though in both cases an invoice for the subscribed items will be generated.


Plan Type: $15/Monthly
Sign Up Date: 1 Sep 2015
Current Term: 1 Sep 2015 to Oct 2015
Cancellation Date: 15 Sep 2015
Reactivation Date: 20 Dec 2015
Reactivate From: Not specified (if specified, from this date subscription will restart)
New Term: 20 Dec 2015 to 20 Jan 2015
In this case, the billing term is now changed to the 20th of every month. The $15 will be charged to the customer on Dec 20th and on Jan 20th he will be charged next.

In-term Reactivation

In case cancellation of the subscription takes place because of the non-payment after dunning, and within the existing billing term it is reactivated then it is referred to as in-term reactivation.

In such cases, there will be no change in the billing term of subscription and a new invoice will not be generated.


Plan Type: $10/Monthly
Sign Up Date: 1 Sep 2015
Current Term: 1 Sep 2015 to 1 Oct 2015
Cancellation Date: 2 Sep 2015
Reactivation Date: 20 Sep 2015
Reactivated from: Not specified. But if specified, this date will be considered to be the date of subscription's activation of the subscription by ChargeMonk.
There will be no change in Term and the next billing term will be from 1 Oct 2015 to 1 Nov 2015.

Reactivation With Trial Days

While reactivating a subscription, the trial period can be entered, which helps to make the subscription active only after the trial period is over. Therefore, after the trial period is over, the billing term will also start and then an invoice will be generated. In addition to this, you can easily reactivate the subscription and add a trial period even if there is no card of the customer on file. In this case, the Reactivate From date/time will be used as the Start Date of the trial.


Mary, who is a customer, register in for a trial of 14-day, but she will not get time to use the product. Now she wants another trial from you, and her card details were not collected by you either. In this case, all you have to do is to reactivate the account and choose to extend their trial.


During the activation if subscription the No. of Billing Cycles can also be given. This will cancel the number of cycles linked to the subscription.

Reactivating by Changing Subscribed Items

The other way to reactivate a subscription after the manual reactivation is to perform a change subscription action. Therefore, moving to a different plan, the inclusion of a coupon/add-on, or any changes made on a subscription-level to a canceled subscription can reactivate it. Update a subscription API that call can also be used to reactivate and change a subscription through API.


In case, with the help of API you want to reactivate a subscription and amend the details then keep in mind that you have to set the reactivate parameter to true.

Based on the Change Subscription operation, Reactivation has two different scenarios:

1. Out-of-term Subscription Change

Same as general reactivation, for a canceled subscription if a subscription change is made then the reactivation of subscription takes place from the reactivation date/time that you have chosen. In case no reactivation date/time is added then a new billing term will be set by ChargeMonk. In both cases, a subsequent invoice will be raised.

2. In-term Subscription Change

In case cancellation of subscription takes place because of the non-payment after dunning, and within the existing billing term the change is made then it is known to as 'in-term' subscription change. When a subscription is transformed into a plan with the same term as that of the current plan (e.g. monthly to monthly), the subscription's billing term will not be affected and the generation of new invoices will take place with the same billing term.

But if the subscription is changed to a plan that has a different term (e.g. monthly to yearly), then the subscription's billing term will be changed with an immediate effect and the invoice will get raised instantly.


'Plan term' connotes to the regular intervals in which renewal of the subscription takes place. (e.g. monthly or yearly plans).

Unpaid Invoices

As a part of the reactivation process, there is no collection of unpaid invoices. Though, if the payment method details have been given as part of the change subscription process and the option Attempt payment collection when payment method is added has been activated (under Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Billing rules), only then an attempt can be made for the collection of the payment for the recent unpaid invoice that is unpaid.


The Calculation of proration for the in-term subscription change scenario will not be supported by ChargeMonk. Therefore, it needs to be manually calculated at your end and accordingly either charges or credit should be included.