eWay Rapid

eWay Rapid eWay Rapid is the payment gateway designed to process the secure online credit card payments for businesses and merchants. The Rapid API of eWAY is a single package created by combining all the most popular payment solutions. It includes hosted payments, fraud prevention, and direct connections to allow developers create perfectly rendered and secure payment pages on all devices.

Choosing eWay

Prior to choose eWay as your payment solution consider the below given factors:

  • Countries supported: For present, BlueSnap is available for businesses running in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK. To get the detailed list of countries, click here
  • Merchant account: eWay offers services to the business located in Australia only. A merchant account is needed to use the eWay Rapid in any other countries. In case you want to open a third party merchant account in New Zealand, the UK, or Australia go through the list of banks that eWay partners with. In case like to do the same in Malaysia and Singapore, then you should get in touch with eWay for the full list of banks partner with them to offer internet merchant services.


Only card payments are supported by ChargeMonk with eWay.

  • Website Requirements: On the basis of region where your business is located, eWay needs certain information to be shown on your website in case you desire your application for a live site to be fruitful. Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia send the same requirements for website while the UK , Australia and New Zealand do not.
  • Multi-Currency support: Multi currency feature of eWay permits merchants to reconcile transactions in multiple currencies. In case you are using the account of a third party merchant, Contact your merchant service provider to get if it can support the Multi-Currency.

eWay Accounts

eWay allows you to create two types of accounts - a live and a test account. The transactions that are processed in test account of eWay will form a dummy data to give you an idea about the working process of eWay's live account, the Business Center.

Get in touch with eWay to submit an application for activating your Business Center account once you are all set to start accepting payments.


Only on the live site of ChargeMonk, eWay Rapid is supported.

Using eWay with ChargeMonk

Spreedly is currently used by ChargeMonk to store the customer's card information associated with eWay.

Important Update (Apr 15, 2019)

Merchants who are using eWay Payment Gateway and want to associate with ChargeMonk will get affected with update. ChargeMonk is connected to eWay through Spreedly vault. To use eWay payment gateway and ChargeMonk, all the current cards in eWay have to be shifted to Spreedly. Though, because of the change in the internal policy at eWay around card data portability, at present we are facing issues with migration from the eWay vault to Spreedly vault. We are trying to resolve this issue with eWay and will post further updates here.

Integration Options

ChargeMonk provides the below given options to connect with eWay Rapid on its live site:

Option A ChargeMonk's hosted payment pages + eWay Rapid Gateway

When using this feature, the card details of customer are collected by ChargeMonk's secure hosted pages and migrated on to eWay Rapid This process reduces your PCI compliance requirements. If you are a merchant using hosted pages of ChargeMonk, all you need to do is to fill a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ-A) and when required submit it to the payment gateway.

PCI Compliance Requirements: Low

Option B API + eWay Rapid Gateway

When using this feature, the card details collection is managed by you and is migrated to ChargeMonk later. When captured, ChargeMonk would pass the card details to eWay Rapid. This process sets your PCI compliance requirements at a higher end; you also have to confirm that your servers are enough secure to get such type of sensitive information.

PCI Compliance Requirements: High

Configuring eWay Rapid

Follow the below given steps to connect your eWay Rapid Business Center with the live site of ChargeMonk:

Step 1: In the Live Site of ChargeMonk, navigate Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Payment Gateways and go to Add a Gateway and select eWay Rapid.

Step 2: When you will be on your eWay Rapid Gateway Configuration Page, add your API Key and API Password to arrange your account. Click Connect.


Get your API Key and Password on eWay by go to My account > API Key.

Step 3: Ensure that you activate the Card Verification, and Card Storage feature if required.

Step 4: You also have to configure your Risk Settings on fraud detection page of eWay - the Beagle - as a result of that the default settings of gateway don't hinder with the legal transactions such as transactions or international payments over a definite amount. Go to Settings > Anti-fraud/Beagle on the web interface of eWay to toggle these.

Testing with eWay

eWay can be connected with the live site of ChargeMonk only. In case you are on the test site and intend to test the payment flow, then you can use the test payment gateway of ChargeMonk, which is created to simulate the scenarios related payments. Test cards for the Test Payment Gateway of ChargeMonk can be found in our Cards page.